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From: James "Buddy" Hooper

s an advertiser, you know that time is a vanishing asset. You want more clients but you're not sure where to find them and more importantly - if you have the time or the money to attract them.

What if we told you that you can get a significantly higher number of clients than you have now - WITHOUT spending tons of money on advertising, and WITHOUT sacrificing your valuable time?

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“OrangeBee Private Money is awesome. I have utilized OrangeBee since March 1998 to help build my business. When I initially formed my own law practice cash was tight. OrangeBee allowed me to obtain Office equipment and basic office supplies, saving me cash. Moreover, I Utilized OrangeBee for advertising, carpet, landscaping, signs, AC service, etc. Finally, the greatest advantage of OrangeBee is the ability to network with a variety of businesses that you would normally have no contact with. OrangeBee is great, and I would strongly recommend anyone to join.”

Jeff Lucas
Attridge, Cohen & Lucas P.L.
New Port Richey, FL.

“I joined OrangeBee in December of 1996, and though great decisions on my part are far between, joining OrangeBee was by far one of the best decisions I have made. Produce, you bet they can, they brought me one sale for Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) that I would have never got without them. And after all, isn't that what business is about.”

Mark Moncher
Broadway Productions
Orlando, FL

“As a publisher of 17 magazines, we have been trading on an independent basis. When approached with the OrangeBee Private Money Concept, we were knocked over, What an incredible business innovation. With OrangeBee we can consolidate all our deals, saving our time, and adding to what we were already doing. Now, when someone wants to do a trade deal with us, we just tell them to call OrangeBee. You will certainly be hearing more about OrangeBee, and any business who wants to grow their business should incorporate it into their sales and marketing program.”

Douglas Cifers
Florida Media
Orlando, FL

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When you sign up with us, we'll tap into our existing database of business owners who would love to use your service. These people are going to pay for your services but they won't pay with any greenbacks, they'll pay with our own currency.

We call this currency Orange Bee Money, or OBM for short. These people have quite a bit of OBM and they need to use it fast! Currently they can't spend it with you because you don't accept OBM.

If you accept OBM, you would be able to spend it on just about all of your current business and personal expenses. If you join us, you will not be short on OBM because there is a much greater demand for your services/products in our system.

It all goes back to supply and demand. The lower the supply, the higher the demand. You service/product is in very low supply in our system, therefore the demand is much greater.

Your income will increase, while your
spending will decrease.

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When you sign up with us, you will grow your OBM account automatically. Click on the directory below to see all the business and personal expenses you can save by redeeming your OBM with our database of merchants.

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“I have been in business for 23 years, and thought I had heard it all until approached by OrangeBee Private Money in April of 1998, and was told they could bring me additional sales. Did it sound too good to be true, yes, but it was true, and over the years they have become very important to our Business. To any business that wants to improve their sales, and profits, I would definitely recommend OrangeBee.

Chris Swezey
C J's Landscape Supplies
Hudson, FL


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